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Galveston, Texas is the seat of Galveston County and was incorporated in 1839. Galveston is linked with the mainland by causeways and a bridge. As a major seaport, Galveston Bay is the state's chief cotton port; sulfur, grain, and petroleum are also shipped. The city is a commercial fishing center and a popular vacation spot, with many Victorian buildings and long stretches of beach nearby. Industries include insurance, medicine, and the manufacture of refined petroleum, processed food, and textiles. The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Texas A&M University at Galveston, and a junior college are here.Galveston Island State Park and an archaeological site are nearby.

Historic Home Tours
Historic Home Tours
Ashton Villa, Bishop's Palace, The Menard Home, 
The Williams Home, and Moody Mansion Museum

The commission form of municipal government was adopted by the city of Galveston, Texas, in 1901, following the hurricane that had devastated the city the previous year. The mayor-council system, under which Galveston had been governed, was suspended by the state legislature during the crisis and was replaced by a commission composed of five members. Initially appointed but thereafter popularly elected, each of the commissioners was responsible for a single, different phase of the local administration. The commission plan proved so effective that it was widely adopted throughout the nation, and it appeared to offer an alternative to the control of cities by party machines. Certain potential drawbacks, however, may render the plan ineffective. A serious dispute among the members of the commission over a matter of policy can cause delay and confusion in the handling of urgent municipal affairs. Consequently, many cities that tried the commission plan have reverted to the mayor-council plan or adopted the newer council-manager plan. Others have retained the commission plan but have added an appointed official responsible for overall administrative oversight, without formally adopting the council-manager form.

Spanish explorers probably visited the area as early as 1523. In the late 1700s the bay (and later the city) was named for Bernardo de Gálvez, governor of Louisiana, later viceroy of Mexico. The modern city dates from a settlement established here in 1817 by the pirate Jean Laffite. The town was platted in 1836 and served briefly that year as capital of the Republic of Texas. During the American Civil War, the city, which was a Confederate supply port, changed hands several times. After a hurricane in 1900, which took about 6000 lives, a 10-mile long seawall was constructed. Other hurricanes in 1961 and 1983 caused much damage here.

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Texas City
By The Bay
Texas City By The Bay
Texas City, Texas is a deepwater port on Galveston Bay (an inlet of the Gulf of Mexico), opposite Galveston and was incorporated as a city in 1911. It is a petroleum-refining center with large petrochemical industries. College of the Mainland Junior College is here. The community was platted in 1893. Spurred by channel improvements in the late 1890s and by the extension of a railroad here in 1907, industrialization was rapid. The Port of Texas City & The Texas City Terminal Railway Company. The city was damaged in 1947, when a chemical explosion in a cargo ship in the harbor triggered some 50 blasts that started widespread fires and took more than 500 lives. A park in the city commemorates this event.

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